Zimbabwe - the struggle continues

Date and time: Monday 14 November, 12:00-13:00.

Coffee and sandwich served from 11:30.

Place: Nubiska rummet, the Swedish Parliament. Entrance: Riksplan, side entrance. Bring identification.

Organizers: Birgitta Ohlsson (L) / Swedish International Liberal Center
Anders Österberg (S) / Olof Palme International Center



After three and a half decades of Mugabe and his ruthless ZANU PF government, the people have had enough. Human Rights abuses, endemic corruption, mismanagement and pervasive poverty have ruined the country. Many Zimbabweans have started protesting during the the last few months. These protests have gone a long way towards breaking the grip of fear Mugabe has exercised over his subjects for so long. But what will come after Mugabe? And how can we support the democracy movement from abroad?

In this seminar David Coltart from Zimbabwe will give his analysis of the current situation. He is a human rights lawyer and a founding member of Movement for Democratic Change (MDC). From 2009 until 2013 he was the Minister of Education, Sport, Arts and Culture in Zimbabwe. He is also the author of a newly released book ”The Struggle Continues – 50 years of tyranny in Zimbabwe”.

David Coltart’s speech will be followed by a panel discussion on how Sweden and EU can support the democracy movement within Zimbabwe. In the panel he will be joined by the MDC front figure in Sweden, Isak Mutasa and former EU-Minister Birgitta Ohlsson (L). The seminar will be moderated by MP Anders Österberg (S).”