Hello Dictator

Hungary under Orbán

Editor: Ulf Schyldt


"Hello, Dictator!" That was the greeting Hungarian Prime Minsiter Viktor Orbán received from the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker at the opening of the European Union summit in Riga in May 2015.


"Hello, Dictator!" is also the title of this collection of essays introducing the reader to the political changes brought about in Hungary under Viktor Orbán's regime. The book problematizes not only the situation in Hungary, but also the lack of response by the European Union.


Contributors to the book include liberal MP Ms. Zsuzsanna Szelényi from Hungary and former Swedish minister of European Affairs, Ms. Birgitta Ohlsson.

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Author: Ulf Schyldt  Published: 2015-09

Editor: Ulf Schyldt  ISBN9789197983372

Edition: 1   Pages: 75

Language: English  Weight: 48 gram