In Ukraine, Adrift

Av: Paul Frigyes

Messy, care-free and lacking a sense of responsibility – Ukraine is a country with a grand and bloody history and regular fistfights in the parliament. With its size, geographical location and ongoing breakup from its towering neighbour Russia, Ukraine has entered the 20s navigating through populism, unbridled capitalism and sprouting democratic activism.  In a Europe beset by forces of authoritarianism and nationalism, Ukraine has - in an unorderly manner - taken small but clear steps towards a modern liberal democracy. Its nationalism is one of a curiously internationalist brand.

In Ukraine, adrift is a report from a nation in search of an identity and a place in Europe. Paul Frigyes jumps on the train to Lviv to discuss gender roles, tries to get his head around corruption and the post-Soviet economy in grand Kyiv, digs into memories of genocide and forgotten bodies in Kharkiv in the East, meets environmental activists in the rough steel city of Kryvyi Rih and gets lost in the footsteps of Karl XII and Mazepa in the woods of Poltava. Finally, he visits Chernobyl as it turns into a Mecca for misery tourism. 

Democracy activist Andriy Kruglashov summarizes the state of Ukraine, a nation that in 2021 turns 30 years old: “We are somewhere between pure madness and something that could turn out really good.”

"In Ukraine, Adrift" is published by the European Liberal Forum (ELF) in cooperation with SILC. It was first published in Swedish by Silc förlag and has also been released in Ukrainian by Freidrich Naumann Foundation (FNF) in 2020. 

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    Author: Paul Frigyes  Published: 2021-09 

Designer: Martin Larsson   ISBN: 9782390670124

                                                                     Edition: 1   Pages: 208 

Language: English  Weight: 146 gram