About Silc

We are a liberal foundation working with democracy support. By strengthening activists in totalitarian states, we are supporting them in their struggle to topple dictators and establish democratic societies.

What we do

SILC is a liberal foundation working with democracy assistance. We collaborate with parties and civil society organisations in order to support their struggle for democracy.

For all of you who are passionate about free democratic societies, we have created Silc Friends.

As a Silc friend, you take a stand for freedom and against oppression by supporting Silc's democracy work.

Silc publishing house publishes books that promote democracy and human rights.

our books allow women and men who fight for citizens to have the power to speak. Through their eyes, we give you stories about political history and contemporary times, mainly in countries where Silc works.

Some Of Our Books

Varje dag dör jag långsamt

Av:¬†Rasmus Canb√§ck     Author: Rasmus Canb√§ck¬†¬†Published:¬†2023-02 Designer:¬†Areg Balayan¬† ¬†ISBN: 978-91-983512-8-6 Edition:¬†1¬† ¬†Pages:¬†208 Language: Swedish¬†¬†Weight:¬†146 gram

När de dödar journalister

En personlig skildring av Sri Lanka Av:¬†Johan¬†Mikaelsson Outredda m√§nniskor√§ttsbrott g√•r hand i hand med journalistmord p√• √∂n som ofta beskrivs […]

In Ukraine, adrift

Av:¬†Paul Frigyes Messy, care-free and lacking a sense of responsibility ‚Äď Ukraine is a country with a grand and bloody […]

Hongkong ‚Äď RIP

Av¬†Simona Mohamsson Fr√•n folkmassan i t√•rgasmolnet h√∂rs ljudet av skr√§ck och slagord. Demonstranternas starka st√§mband skapar synkade ramsor. Det √§r […]

Ryssland och historiens början

Av:¬†Morgan Olofsson Demokrati och frihet ifr√•gas√§tts i allt fler l√§nder. Ryssland och historiens b√∂rjan handlar om hur det ideologiska kriget […]

I skuggan av en myt

Av¬†Mart√≠n Guevara¬† En ung pojke flyttar med sin familj fr√•n Argentina till Kuba. P√• √∂n h√∂r han f√∂r f√∂rsta g√•ngen […]

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